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  • Thanks again for all your help! I can't believe how quickly I was able to take the required classes and passed the broker exams this morning and didn't even have to go to Nevada!
  • Your material was great and did a fantastic job of preparing.
  • I took my real estate salesperson exam and passed both the national and state exam!  Your school did a great job preparing me for the test and it really was not that difficult in the end.  Thank you. Denise from Reno.
  • Thank you!  and thanks for the great program.  I enjoyed reading your manual and actually learned a few things, which I don't in a lot of other programs.  Bill from Reno, NV
  • Case studies were very helpful!
  • Clear and concise - well laid out!
  • Easy to read.
  • It was very helpful that all paragraphs were separated - made it easier for visual learning.
  • I find the materials very helpful in meeting the assumed goals of the course. Studies are also helpful as practical references.
  • The general layout and presentation of the material was very easy to follow and promoted a good learning experience...Chet
  • The course was excellent. It was easy to follow and fun. I took the course on-line. It was very valuable for me to read the changes in terminology and law. Although we have been using the latest forms for some time, it was good to read how they came about and read the supporting statute for clarification. The picture charts and diagrams were a welcome break for the eyeballs. I enjoyed reading the case law. It really cemented the reading into memory. The quiz was good and after reading the material, rather easy to pass. Mark
  • Thank you for your service. I ordered the course Sunday night and was impressed with the logical progression of the materia. I too my test in your office on Thursday and passed with a 95% and went right down to the Division and renewed! Glad you guys are here for us busy agents. I hope you get all the licensees! Russell
  • Cindy and Rick: I wanted you to know that about 3 weeks ago I took the final exam and passed. thank you very much for your help and quiz responses when I neede you. I will recommend your course whenever possible. Sandy
  • Thank you! and thanks for the great program. I enjoyed reading your manual and actually learned a few things, which I don't in a lot of other programs. Bill
  • I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the materials you prepared. You guys do an outstanding job in preparing the courses and the course materials, and it is all very clear. I have been with you guys since I got my broker's license. I am a graduate of Harvard University twice (first time with a Masters in Chemistry and last time with an MBA from the Harvard Business School), and I am just as proud to be an ABC Real Estate School graduate as I am of Harvard University. Thanks for all of your fine work! Galo
  • I enjoyed your course. I compliment you on its content and presentation, as well as your timely response to arrange and grade my final test. This is the first correspondence course of any kind that I have every taken. I liked it. You may expect me to to be a repeat customer. I offer the following qualifications to back my opinion about your school. I went to college for seven years. Taught college courses for three years as a graduate student. Since them, I have had lots of continuing education experience. I have been a Nevada licensed broker for more than 20 years and a Nevada Certified General Appraiser since appraisers have been licensed. Have a commercial multiengine airplane pilot license with an instrument rating. Consequently, continuing education has been a significant part of my life for nearly 40 years. Al
  • It was a pleasure taking my relicense with ABC. Bill
  • Thank you. Thank you very, very much. I am keeping all my materials. I asked for course work material, which we will can an entree. But instead, from ABC Real Estate School I got soup, salad, roll, main course, and dessert plus coffee. You have made available to me tools that will take me a greater distance than my current learning time allows. Knowledge is power. With sufficient power, I can provide an exceptional service. One more analagy, and then I'll stop. :-) You did not feed me fish. You taught me how to fish. And there is no greater gift. Gratitute, gratitude, gratitute! Susan.