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Licensed by the Commission on Post-Secondary Education

  1. Who enforces the laws and rules for real estate agents? 
  2. What types of licenses are available?
  3. What requirements are there for licensing?
  4. What education is required?
  5. Is experience required?
  6. How much does it cost to become a real estate licensee?
  7. What is the advantage of being a broker-salesman rather than a salesperson?

Who enforces the laws and rules for real estate agents?

Each state creates their own laws and rules regarding licensing.

In Nevada, real estate agents obtain a license from the Nevada Real Estate Division.  It can be contacted at 702-486-4033 in Las Vegas. Form 501 - found on the Real Estate Division's Web site, can be helpful.

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What types of licenses are available?

Three unique licenses are available.  The types are :

  1. Broker

  2. Broker/Salesperson

  3. Salesperson

A Time Share Sales Agent license is also available for individuals looking to sell new time shares.

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What requirements are there for licensing?

Candidates must take real estate pre-licensing education, pass a state examination, find a Broker to hang his/her license, fill out an application, and get fingerprinted.  During the application process, the Division will investigate any criminal records or previous real estate offenses.  

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What education is required?

It depends on which license your are applying for.  All new salespeople must show evidence of having completed a 120-hour pre-licensing course including:

  • 45-hour principles and practices

  • 45-hour real estate law including 18-hours Nevada law

  • 30-hour contracts and agency

This 120-hour requirement presently may not apply to applicants who are presently licensed in other states, who are also seeking a real estate license in Nevada.

For licensed out-of-state applicants only:

Form 501 If you passed a 90-hour course consisting of 45-hours of Principles and Practices and 45-hours of Real Estate Law in a state other than Nevada, the Nevada Real Estate Division typically requires applicants to take only 18-hours of Nevada law from a licensed school to become a salesperson or both the 18-hour Nevada the 45-hour Broker Management course if he/she is applying for a broker or broker-salespersons license and also has achieved the remainder of the requirement.

Broker and Broker/Salesperson applicants must also show evidence of having completed 64-college credits and a 45-hour Broker Management course; 64-college credits covers 24 credits in real estate and business related topics, and 40 credits in anything, or 8-years full-time experience in real estate or combination.  Full-time experience means 30-hours per week for 48-weeks per year.  Each 2-years of experience is equal to 16-college credits.

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Is experience required?

2-years full-time experience is required to become a Broker.  A broker-salesperson can work as a broker-salesperson until he/she obtains the 2-years experience.  A broker-salesperson may upgrade to a broker's license without retesting. 

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How much does it cost to become a real estate licensee?

The costs are as follows:

  • $299 for required Nevada education
  • $100 for state examination
  • Approximately $140 Salesperson $160 Broker/Broker-Salesperson license application fee.
  • approximately $80 for fingerprinting (varies with the vendor)
  • advertising fees (varies)
  • office fees (varies - check around)
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What is the advantage of being a broker/salesperson rather than a salesperson?

A broker/salesperson has already passed the broker's state examination rather than the salesperson's state examination. If the licensee wants to become a broker in the future, after he/she obtains the 2-years full-time experience, the applicant does not need to sit for the state examination, because he/he has already successfully passed the state examination.  The licensee needs to apply for an upgrade to become a broker.  In addition, a broker-salesperson with 2-years experience can also manage an office for a broker or owner-developer.

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