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ABC Real Estate School offers a pre-licensing course for everyone.  To become a Salesperson, Nevada requires completion of a 120-hour course, made up of 45-hours of Principles and Practices (3-credits), 45-hours Real Estate Law (3-credits) which includes18-hours of Nevada Law and 30-hours of Contracts and Agency Nevada pre-licensing. Brokers and Broker-salespeople applicants will also have completed 45-hours of Broker Management and show proof of 64-college credits.    Brokers need a minimum of 2-years experience, a commercial location, and proof of financials. Nevada will accept proof of credits/hours taken in another state for all but the 18-hour Nevada Law and Broker Management courses.  Check out Form501 for additional information.


If you have never taken a real estate class before, you need to take a 120-hour course:

  • Real Estate Principles, Practices, Procedures, Law & Ethics, 30-hours of contracts and agency (120-hours credit)

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If you have already taken a 45-hour real estate principles and practices class in a state other than Nevada or if your pre-licensing education in the state where you completed pre-licensing requirements was 60-89 hours, you need 45-hours of Real Estate Law (included 18-hours of Nevada Law):

  • Real Estate Law & Ethics (45 hours credit)

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If you have already taken a 120-hour real estate principles and practices, law & ethics class in Nevada and you also want to refresh your knowledge of the principles and practices, law & ethics in Nevada and don't need credit take:  

  • No Credit Nevada Licensing materials ONLINE-ONLY/No Certificate

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If you have experience in another state (8-years or 64-college credits or a combination of the two) and need either a broker's license or broker'salesperson's license in Nevada, you need the 18-hour Nevada Law/45-hour broker management package. It includes a refresher course. 

  • 18-hour Nevada Real Estate Law and 45-hour Broker Management course combination

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If you already have a Nevada salesperson license and want to upgrade your license, you need a broker management course. It also includes a refresher course.

  • 45-hour Broker Management course (45 hours credit)

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