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CE Package: Broker/Brok-Sales Cont Ed ONLINE 30-yr exemption


This continuing education package can be handy for a Nevada Real Estate Broker or Broker/Salespersons license if you don't need the extra contracts or broker management (and want to take it live in a classroom) or fall under the 30-year continuing education rule. Live classroom is not included.

Included in this package are the following Continuing Education Courses:

  1. Ethics: Practical Applications: Fair Housing III; CE 4205000-RE
  2. Contracts: Practical Applications: Contracts IV; CE 4203000-RE
  3. Law and Legislation: Practical Applications: Law and Legislation; CE 7181000-RE
  4. Agency: Practical Applications: Agency Updates IV; CE 4202000-RE
  5. Broker Management: Practical Applications: Broker Management Update III; CE4199000-RE
  6. Risk Reduction: Practical Applications: Risk Reduction; CE 6783000-RE
  7. Business Broker Permit Continuing Education: Practical Applications: Business Brokerage IV; CE 4204000-RE
  8. Property Management Permit Continuing Education: Practical Applications: Property Management Update III; CE 4201000-RE

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