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CE Package: Broker/BS Cont Ed-Required Topics ONLINE


This continuing education package provides all of the required topics found in the new 36-hour requirement without Property Management or Business Broker Permit continuing Education
Live classroom required is now 18-hours and is not included in this package. It is widely available and posted on the Real Estate Division's Web site.
Included in this package is the following 3-hour Continuing Education Courses:


  1. Ethics: Practical Applications: Fair Housing IV; CE 5885000-RE
  2. Agency: Practical Applications: Agency Updates V; CE 5935000-RE
  3. Contracts: Practical Applications: Contracts V; CE 5901000-RE
  4. Contracts: Practical Applications: Contracts III; CE 5577000-RE
  5. Law & Legislation: Practical Applications: Law and Legislation; CE 7181000-RE
  6. Broker Management: Practical Applications: Broker Management Update IV; CE 5886000-RE
  7. Broker Management: Practical Applications: Broker Management Update III; CE 4199000-RE
  8. Risk Reduction: Practical Applications: Risk Reduction; CE 6783000-RE


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