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CE: 15 hr Online Broker/Brok-Sales Continuing Education


This continuing education package provides all required topics for a Nevada Real Estate Broker or Broker/Salespersons license. Live classroom is not included.

ABC’s courses have different course numbers than other vendor’s courses.  For your information, you are now able to complete the same courses for consecutive license renewals.  In other words, you need unique courses in each of your renewal period, but for the next renewal; you can repeat these same courses.

Included in this package are the following Continuing Education Courses:

  1. Ethics: Practical Applications: Fair Housing III; CE 4205000-RE
  2. Contracts: Practical Applications: Contracts IV; CE 4203000-RE
  3. Law and Legislation: Nevada Legislative Update 2019; CE 6434000-RE
  4. Agency: Practical Applications: Agency Updates IV; CE 4202000-RE
  5. Broker Management: Practical Applications: Broker Management Update III; CE4199000-RE
  6. Business Broker Permit Continuing Education: Practical Applications: Business Brokerage IV; CE 4204000-RE
  7. Property Management Permit Continuing Education: Practical Applications: Property Management Update III; CE 4201000-RE

Other courses are available.  If needed, give us a call.

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