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Need first-year continuing education for a real estate license?
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Nevada distinguishes between post-licensing and continuing education. Some licensees are exempt from post-licensing, and instead need continuing education. Post-licensing is designed for original licensees; renewing first year licenses. ABC doesn't offer Post-licensing because we specialize in distance courses, and this course package needs to be completed in a live classroom.

Do you need post-licensing or can you take continuing education?
Postlicensing education does not apply to a first-time licensee who:
(a) Holds a real estate license issued by another state or territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia, on the date on which the first-time licensee obtains a real estate license issued by the State of Nevada;
(b) Held a license as a real estate broker, real estate broker-salesperson or real estate salesperson issued by the State of Nevada within the 5 years immediately preceding the date on which the first-time licensee obtained a license as a real estate salesperson; or
(c) Is licensed as a real estate broker-salesperson and obtained the qualifications for licensure as a real estate broker-salesperson.

First-time licensees who are exempt from post-licensing are required to complete 36 hours of continuing education as follows:
     3 hours Agency
     6 hours Contracts
     3 hours Ethics
     3 hours Law & Legislation
     3 hours Risk Reduction
     18 hours of General 

At least 18 of the required 36 hours must be taken through live instruction.

Permit-holders: Business Broker permit holders must include 3 hours of CE for permit renewal; Property Managers must include an additional 9 hours of CE for permit renewal.

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