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Post-licensing or Continuing Education?

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  1. There is a difference between post-licensing and continuing education.
  2. Post-licensing is designed for a first time licensee who has never had a real estate license before.
  3. Broker-salespeople who submitted a certified license history (i.e. were licensed in a state other than Nevada) with their Nevada application don't need post-licensing.  These licensees take continuing education.
  4. If you were licensed in another state when you applied for your Nevada real estate license, you can take continuing education.
  5. If you have already renewed  your Nevada real estate license at least once, you don't need post-licensing.  You can take continuing education.
  6. If you were licensed in Nevada within 5 years of your current salesperson's license, you don't need post-licensing.  You can take continuing education.
  7. Post-licensing is designed for original licensees; renewing first year licenses.   The delivery method is by live-classroom only.  If you have a salespersons license and don't fall under any of the situations previously stated; you will need to take post-licensing during your first year of licensing.  Post-licensing is mandatory for ORIGINAL licensees only. 
  8. Continuing education can be completed by any delivery method;  live-classroom, correspondence, on-line, etc.  We offer it by correspondence and on-line.  Even though continuing education can be completed by any delivery method, new regulations require most licensees to complete a percentage of their continuing education in a live classroom.
  9. The Nevada Real Estate Division has posted the following page for information:


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