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How do I complete my final exam?

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Pre-licensing Courses:

Each individual course requires the student to score a minimum of 60% on a 100 question multiple choice final exam for completion.  Quizzes and quiz answers can be found throughout the textbook materials to help prepare the student for the final examination.  The final exam may not be downloaded or printed.  It is based on textbook information.  Please contact ABC Real Estate School at 1-800-977-8835 with any questions or to schedule your examination, if you will be taking the final exam at the school location. 
The final examination may be taken on any computer connected to the Internet (including the student’s home computer), at the ABC Real Estate School location during office hours, or in the presence of a proctor at a Title/Escrow Company, library or trade organization setting.  It is an open book final exam, and it must be completed within 2 ½ hours (based on a 100 question multiple choice final exam to complete one course).  The final examination will be available after a student has had possession of a course for a minimum of 18-days.  If the proctor option is chosen, the proctor must be a disinterested third party, not related by blood, marriage, domestic partnership, or any other relationship to the licensee which would influence them from properly administering the examination.
Please email us after the allotted time, to set up your final exam.




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