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1st year Renewal - 30 Hours

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The Nevada Real Estate Division is now requiring all 1st renewal licensees who are exempt from post-licensing to complete the 30-hour continuing education with a minimum of 50% completed in a live classroom. Our 15 hour continuing education package is completed online (correspondence materials are also available) and includes all of the required courses (Agency, Nevada Law, Contracts, Ethics and Broker Management).

It can be completed totally online (including the final exam) in as little as 2 days.

NOTE: Do you need post-licensing or can you take continuing education? Nevada distinguishes between post-licensing and continuing education. Post-licensing is designed for original licensees; renewing first year licenses.   The delivery method is by live-classroom only. Post-licensing has to be completed during a licensees first year. In addition, this original licensee also must complete 12 hours of live classroom continuing education in agency, contracts, ethics and law and legislation anytime during the license period.  

Brokers don't need post-licensing.  They take continuing education. Broker-salespeople who submitted a certified license history (i.e. were licensed in a state other than Nevada) with their Nevada application don't need post-licensing.  They take continuing education. If you were licensed in another state when you applied for your Nevada real estate license, you can take continuing education for your first renewal. If you have already renewed  your Nevada real estate license at least once, you don't need post-licensing.  You can take continuing education. If you were licensed in Nevada within 5 years of your current salesperson's license, you don't need post-licensing.  You can take continuing education.

If you have a salespersons license, don't fall under any of the situations previously stated, and were ISSUED a license after January 1, 2006, you will need to take post-licensing to renew your license.  Post-licensing is mandatory for ORIGINAL licensees only.  Continuing education can be completed by any delivery method;  live-classroom, correspondence, on-line, etc.  We offer it by correspondence and on-line. 

The Nevada Real Estate Division has posted the following page for information:


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